We are your

Automotive Digital Marketing Partner.

When you want to lead your market, you partner with a leader. C-4 Analytics was the first automotive analytics company. Since 2009, we have been writing the rules of digital marketing for car dealers and developing the strategies that turn auto dealers into market leaders.


We help dealers dominate their online markets.

Our goal is to increase your regional market share, as well as find and convert automotive buyers faster and more cost effectively, at scale, than anyone else. We do this with completely custom campaigns, developed in consultation with our clients, that include the key elements of success in online marketing:

    Advanced Paid Search and display ad development, targeting and management
    Dealership data management
    Customer identification and analytics
    Local and mobile search management
    Regional and market-specific search engine optimization (SEO)
    PR, reputation and brand management
    Business analytics & reporting
    Conversion optimization
    Competition targeting/Conquest campaigns
    Online to offline attribution

Tired of buzzwords, gimmicks and cookie-cutter marketing strategies from vendors?

Ready to partner with a leader?


Here are just a few factors the set us apart from the competition:

Truly Customized Campaigns

Some vendors consider a few geotargeted keywords a “customized” campaign. We develop a completely custom strategic program based on your business, your market, your competition and your goals. Custom keywords, custom demographic targeting, custom ad copy, custom search engine optimization, custom site copy from our in-house editors and custom design from our award-winning in-house team of professional graphic designers.

In-Depth Industry Knowledge

We’ve been serving the automotive industry for more than five years. We’ve watched the trends come and go, and we’ve developed outreach strategies that deliver results that are measurably superior to any vendor in the space. Our strategies, from initial outreach and targeting to on-site conversion, have been tested and refined across hundreds of dealerships throughout the United States. We don’t have to guess at what works, because we know what works.

No Gimmicks

We won’t waste your time and money on questionable add-ons, inconclusive A/B tests or “viral” strategies. We understand that the color of a button does not matter. What matters is having the right button on the right page in front of the right customer. By tracking millions of website interactions, we have developed meaningful models of user behavior for new car sales, used car sales, auto leases and conquest campaigns. Our competitors can copy our strategies all they like. They cannot achieve the same results, because we know why our strategies work and how to tailor them to increase sales.

Superior ROI

We were delivering strong ROI long before many of the automotive vendors thought up their clever, occasionally trademarked names for “their” programs. We don’t need to create fancy labels for our services, because our results speak for themselves. We pursue ROI with in-depth demographic and behavioral targeting, then maximize it by analyzing site and sales performance. We target customers who shop your competitors and persuade them to do business with you. We also continually expand our data sources and find new ways to reach customers at every stage of the decision-making process, for less money.

Insider Access

Our company is a Google Premier Partner with more certified professionals than almost all of our competitors and a better employee-to-client ratio than anyone in the industry. Every one of our clients has several Google-certified professionals working on their account, and we maintain a low-client-to-account-manager ratio to provide in-depth, personalized service. We also provide access to the latest Google Beta programs in AdWords, YouTube and Mobile, which gives our clients a critical competitive advantage.

Understandable, Actionable Data

We don’t just report on performance — we analyze it to continually improve your campaign performance and ROI. We help you understand where your dollars do the most good by showing response and sales from each channel and every third-party source, as well as the ways these channels work together to bring customers to your door. Our billing and reporting provide the highest levels of transparency so that you can see exactly how your money is spent and the results it generated.

Continual Innovation

Five years ago, we helped to write the rules for online automotive marketing. That spirit of innovation continues today. While other vendors copy our strategies from last year, we’re looking beyond them and developing new ways to target, reach and convert customers, and to measure the success of marketing campaigns in actual foot traffic and sales. If your competitors are using their website provider or a copycat vendor for their strategies, we will help you dominate your market.