Maximizing Your Marketing Funnel
With Google’s New Campaign Types

Red, green, yellow, blue and grey legos organized next to each other

Google has not let the pandemic slow down innovation and continues to push digital advertising forward. This webinar will take you down the path to better understand Google Ads’ newest and best-performing campaign types and when and where to utilize them to ensure your advertising strategy has no gaps.

Gain a deep understanding of, and demystify, all the components of Discovery and Performance Max campaigns. We’ll start with Vehicle Listing Ads, then head to the newest YouTube campaigns. We’ll show how their inventory has grown from the YouTube app on your CTV device to a true OTT provider. Next, we’ll learn about Discovery ads and what new ad placements this brings to you. Finally, we’ll tackle understanding Performance Max and how this campaign with no audience targeting can help capture the conversions your other campaigns have missed.

Join Trevor Spiro, VP of Performance Media at C-4 Analytics as he chats with Google’s Aaron Thong, Agency Development Manager & Ashley Block, Automotive Account Executive for this presentation.

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