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C-4 Analytics is a proud Maserati Digital Certified Advertising Program Partner.  

The world of Paid Advertising changes on a daily basis. To thrive, you need to work with a Maserati-certified partner that adapts to change, and is at the forefront of testing and implementing the latest features that allow your dealership to dominate the market. 

Every Maserati dealership now spends a portion of their marketing dollars on digital advertising, but not all campaigns are created equal. Your Maserati Paid Search and Display campaigns must stand apart from your competitors’ to capture the attention of car shoppers, bring them to your website and convert them into sales.

Through our match fund-eligible Maserati Digital program offerings, dealers gain access to the most efficient, sophisticated and highly targeted Paid Search campaigns.


Capture shoppers at every point of the buyer journey.



Paid Search, Search Retargeting and Display Retargeting advertising channels. Custom Budget.



Paid Search, Search Retargeting, Display Retargeting and Custom Display advertising channels.
Custom Budget.



Paid Search, Search Retargeting, Display Retargeting, Custom Display, Paid Social and Video advertising channels. Custom Budget.

Win More In Your Market

We built our business on automotive digital marketing, and over the last decade, C-4 Analytics has helped Maserati dealers win in their markets and boost their bottom lines. That’s why many of the top dealers choose C-4 Analytics as their digital marketing partner.

Hyper-Targeted Paid Search Campaigns

Own your market with C-4 Analytics’ industry-recognized Paid Search campaigns that allow you to attract and convert high-quality traffic while boosting your ROI. We leverage micro-moment builds, a proprietary bidding system and the latest ad formats to help Maserati dealers increase their sales while lowering cost per acquisition.

Advanced Display Advertising & Remarketing

Use the most sophisticated targeting, audience and data management in the automotive space to show the right ads to the right people at the right time. Our Display and Remarketing campaigns help Maserati dealers find low-funnel shoppers at every point of the research and purchasing phases. Plus, dealers who sign up for Maserati Paid Search via C-4 Analytics gain access to our Automotive In-Market Network (AIM™).

Sophisticated Social Paid Advertising

Attract a wide audience and push shoppers down the conversion funnel with our Maserati Social Paid Advertising strategies. Our aggressive Facebook ad campaigns leverage customer match, remarketing, and advanced segmentation to build custom audiences and turn leads into more sales.

Aggressive Video Advertising

Get aggressive with Maserati Video Advertising. Our highly targeted ads on YouTube and other leading platforms are served to shoppers who’ve recently shown commercial intent, providing a cost-effective way for Maserati dealers to capture high-quality traffic.


Our reputation speaks for itself. For over a decade, C-4 Analytics has helped Maserati dealers win in their markets and boost their bottom lines. That’s why many of the top Maserati dealers by sales work with C-4 Analytics.


Our employees have over 1000 Google Certifications (and counting). Work with true marketing and analytics experts who’ll help you spend smarter and make the most of your Tier 3 Advertising Co-op funds.


Don’t settle for anything less than the best. C-4 Analytics is a Maserati-approved digital marketing partner that provides dealers with the most advanced, sophisticated and hyper-targeted solutions available today. From Maserati-certified Paid Search and Display campaigns to Social Media initiatives and beyond, we create Maserati digital marketing solutions that increase actionable traffic that converts into leads and sales.


C-4 Analytics is proud to be a Maserati-approved digital marketing vendor. Whether you’re new to the Maserati co-op program or have been enrolled for a while, the C-4 Analytics team will help you make the most of your co-op funds. As a Maserati-preferred digital marketing partner, we have the expertise necessary to successfully execute strategies focused on Paid Search, Display, Social Media and more. Plus, we offer Video Production services that drive Maserati dealers toward success in their Video Advertising campaigns.

Become a Leader. Work with the Best.

Real-Time Strategic Marketing

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