Data-Driven Video: Fuel for a Full Funnel

Close up of motor oil being poured out of grey bottle

Think video can only be used to drive awareness? Think again. Today’s savvy dealers are leveraging video to reach customers at every point in their shopping journey, and they’re doing so using data-driven techniques that provide tremendous ROI.

Smart use of data allows dealers to enable sophisticated Streaming TV strategies that combine the best of digital with the power of TV. Thanks to technological and strategic advancements, dealers can leverage data-informed, multiscreen video to place the right message in front of the right audience at the right time in their journey, wherever, whenever, and however they consume media. In order to be most effective, it’s important for dealers to understand how each medium delivers value against their overarching media strategy, holding each tactic accountable for delivering performance to their bottom line.

Hear Kevin Bacon, Digital Director, Automotive Strategy at Effectv, Caroline Allie, AVP, Media Strategy, and Greg Rothman AD, Media Strategy at C-4 Analytics discuss the ways that data-informed video can improve any dealer’s marketing ROI. You’ll learn how the savviest dealers are leveraging the latest video technologies to build an effective pipeline while delivering low-funnel shoppers today.

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