Want More EV Shoppers? You Need Better SEO

Close up of an electric vehicle being charged with a nozzle

EV/hybrid shoppers are different. They research longer. They’re more brand-agnostic. They have more questions. And whether they plan on buying this month, next year, or further down the line, they want answers now. The dramatic rise in search volume for queries related to electric and hybrid vehicles makes this clear. And recent changes to Google’s algorithm and SERP layout makes it clear that SEO is the best way to reach this emerging audience.

If your dealership isn’t leveraging SEO to capture EV and hybrid shoppers — or if you’re using the same old SEO tactics — you’re fighting with one hand tied beyond your back. Early adoption is key to beating your competitors to the EV SEO punch. Join Rob Stoesser, C-4 Analytics’ VP of OEM, as he dives deep into the data with Ben Carsley, VP of Content & SEO, and Melyssa Cantor, Director of SEO.

Together, Rob, Ben, and Melyssa will explore emerging consumer trends to help dealers focus on actionable insights regardless of EV inventory levels. Whether your dealer is already selling EVs and hybrids, might in the near future, or just wants to better understand the emerging EV landscape, this webinar is for you.

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