The Three “Must Dos”
To Gain Market Share

close-up of red pin on paper map with 4 red strings leading to it

Everyone is talking about gaining market share in 2023. This webinar will go DEEP into the three things you must know and do before you can generate consistent market share gains. The share you gain in 2023 will be a force multiplier for two, even three, customer buying cycles and will benefit every department in your dealership.

Join Rob Stoesser, VP of OEM at C-4 Analytics to learn how leading dealers win market share over both on-brand AND off-brand rivals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what research you need to do on your market, competitors and customers. No one else knows your market like you do. Let’s cash in on that knowledge.
  • Identify specific vendor-driven problems you’ll need to solve. Not every digital vendor can help you gain share: In fact, they can actually prevent you from gaining share. Let’s discuss the telltale signs.
  • Gaining share will take you out of your comfort zone. These are not the typical campaigns everyone is used to: This is where most dealers give up.

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