Reality Check: Who’s The Chump?

Young brunette woman with shocked open mouth expression pointing to herself in front of pink background

Rob Stoesser, a true business strategist, has worked in almost every facet of the automotive industry. He sees an existential crisis that must be addressed when it comes to the marketing of a dealership: There are many dealers out there who are less than pleased with how their digital vendors manage their accounts.

So let’s look at the issue from all sides – and warning, there may be “something you need to know about you” in the conversation too.

Bringing hard truth and pure reasoning to counterbalance Stoesser’s tirade against the status quo will be Laurie O’Brien, Vice President of Client Services at C-4 Analytics. Laurie’s years of agency experience and industry depth of knowledge will come shining through as we dig into the realities of “what dealers expect vs what they actually receive” in this industry.

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