Opportunity in Chaos –
Winning Social Media Strategies for 2022

Women's hands up-close holding phone and touching screen with hearts and thumbs up icons bubbling over the screen

Car-buying has changed, and Social Media is now more important than ever. Just when we all thought 2020 was the craziest year in the car business, along came 2021 with inventory challenges and the rise of custom orders: two changes that are here to stay through 2022.

Shoppers need to know that they have more power, choices, and control over car-buying than ever before. And Social Media is the perfect platform to engage with them, guide them through new processes, and win their business.

Tune in with C-4’s Rob Stoesser, VP, OEM & guest expert Brittany Rogers, Associate Director, Paid Social, to learn how winning dealers will leverage Social Media in 2022 to win sales, orders, and market share – all while reducing costs.

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