Inventory Is Not Your Problem. It’s Your Opportunity.

Two full car carrier trucks driving in line on a highway

Dealers are already bemoaning that they can’t get inventory and that they want to cut expenses further. This is your opportunity to shine, Digital Marketer! You don’t need more customers: you need better customers. Let’s focus on getting better deals to walk through the front door.

Hear from C-4 V.P. Rob Stoesser, and C-4 Associate Director of Paid Search, Sam Duncan, to learn the strategies used to increase grosses in an inventory-constrained market.

Key Takeaways:

  • You don’t need more leads, and you don’t need more inventory. You need better-qualified leads from shopper segments generating higher grosses. Now is the time to really drill down, understand your “best customer,” and use the best data to get in front of more people just like them.
  • Learn which reports, data, and audiences will help you zero in on the best buyer, and how to convince those shoppers that you are the only store they should consider.
  • The principles we’ll discuss hold true in any market but will certainly get the attention of the dealer in an inventory-constrained market.

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