If I Hear One More Thing About the Power of OTT…

Blonde woman holds ipad up, we see over her shoulder, with a tv with open apps is blurred in the background

We have all heard the pitch before, “OTT is so great. It has this capability, that capability and is the reason why you should have it as part of your overall marketing strategy… We can show you impressions here, and impressions there”. It all starts to sound like a Dr. Seuss book. I don’t know about you, but it makes me wish for a rainy day with The Cat in the Hat.

The BEST question to ask is: How do you really know you should have it as part of your overall strategy? How do you know it is impactful? Where is your measurement stick for effectiveness? I can’t “click” it, so how can I really tell? Does it really drive leads? That is the million-dollar question. We pride ourselves on being the data nerds that can dive in and show the “why”.

For this session, we ask you to bring your measuring stick.

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