Fireside ChatGPT –
How AI Is Changing SEO for Dealers

Business man's hands holding a cell phone in front of a laptop with illustrated blue icons relating to AI hover over them

When it comes to automotive SEO, the only constant is change. But even by the ever-shifting standards of our industry, the advent of “AI-enhanced” search engines is poised to transform the way people search for and find car dealerships online. Between Bing’s integration with ChatGPT and Google’s soft launch of Bard, AI and large language models are fundamentally altering local search. Savvy dealers need to act now to prepare themselves for the SEO sea changes that are already underway.

Join C-4 Analytics’ Ben Carsley, VP of Content & SEO and Melyssa Cantor, Director of SEO, as they discuss how automotive SEO is changing and what dealers should do — and should not do — to stay ahead of the competition.

And no, ChatGPT did NOT help them create this webinar!

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how Google, Bing and other search engines are incorporating AI/language learning models into their Search Engine Results Pages in ways that could fundamentally change the current automotive Search landscape.
  • Learn which types of content and SEO strategies will give dealers the best chances at ranking well on AI-enhanced SERPs and how SEO KPIs may change.
  • Identify common mistakes some early adopters are making with ChatGPT/Bard and address common misnomers about AI-generated content and the evolving Local Search ecosystem.

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