The Donut Hole and the Donut –
Why Co op Is Never Enough

Glazed plain donut on white background

Truth: Every dealer should maximize their co-op funds. Another truth: There are many campaigns dealers should be running outside of co-op, and their chosen co-op vendor is likely NOT the partner needed to execute these strategies successfully. We’ll delve into which campaigns and strategies you should deploy outside of co-op, and how to choose the right vendor for your non-co-op digital marketing.

We call this dilemma the “Donut Hole and Donut.” Join Jason Gonzalez, Chief Sales Officer, and Rob Stoesser, V.P. of OEM Programs at C-4 Analytics, as they map this all out in 45 minutes. Once you see it, we guarantee you’ll be losing sleep until you solve the problem holding back 95% of dealers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn which campaigns you should be self-funding and why.
  • There are reasons to not use your co-op vendor for non-co-op campaigns. We will cover them in depth.
  • Learn how to create a complete marketing plan using vendors and campaigns that will lead to success.

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