Decrypting Streaming Media: A Podcast-Style Discussion

A person of color sitting with an ipad and hovering their finger over the screen filled with apps

While adopting a podcast-styled approach, we’re tackling the industry’s tough issues head-on – but expanding the conversations to include subject matter experts, dealership principals, and other special industry guests.

Join C-4 V.P. Rob Stoesser as he interviews Caroline Allie, C-4 Head of Media, for a podcast-style discussion about all things automotive streaming media.

There is no longer a digital and traditional world of media, it’s simply “online” and “offline”, and all the tactics play nicely in the sandbox. Streaming Services like Spotify, iHeartmedia and Sling, Hulu and Crackle are leading the way forward toward an integrated advertiser presence to meet the consumer where they are engaging with content that matters to them.

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