Dealer Profits To The Moon! What WallStreetBets Can Teach Us About The Inventory Shortage

Whose side were you on? The side that cheered r/WallStreetBets as they took down institutional investors for fun and profit, or the side that thought they should be thrown in jail?

One of those answers is wrong, and the success of your dealer’s bottom line over the next few months depends on getting this right. The truth is that WallStreetBets used the oldest trick in the book: They studied the data and found opportunity. Then, they told other people how to make it work. Those people made money, too. INFORMATION IS POWER!

DID YOU KNOW: 100% of GameStop was shorted to declines when WallStreetBets struck. The initial investors found the opportunity because they studied data to look for this exact scenario and had a strategy to turn it to their advantage. They capitalized on other people’s greed and mistakes. The strategy was about as basic as it gets.

If only that applied to the automotive industry. IT DOES. The next 3-4 months are all about inventory, and everyone is making the same mistakes. Would you like to join them on the downside or profit from their errors? What would WallStreetBets do?

C-4 Analytics has crunched the numbers. We know how dealerships can make a killing in the months ahead with the right strategy. We will help you win, but we can only do so if you take some time to listen.

Join Justin Cook, C-4’s Co-Founder and Nerd-In-Chief, and Andrew Silva, C-4’s Account Director and semi-professional dodgeball player, for an instructive discussion on how to leverage lessons from WallStreetBets to bring dealership profits “to the moon” and win in this inventory-challenged landscape!

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