2023 Resolutions to Keep,
and What to Leave Behind

Business man in a dark suit holding up a large red stop sign in front of his face

Don’t let 2023 be filled with Groundhog Days. From “dashboards” that show you a bunch of activity and nothing about ROI, to marketing tactics thrown against a wall to see what sticks…

We will walk through the top 5 things you need to STOP doing as you head into 2023. You may not even know that your performance is being held back by doing them. Learn what the telltales are, and how to fix them NOW.

Once we have helped dispense with the old habits, we will focus on the new ones. Strategic marketing planning and execution with real-time insights tethered to your business objectives is the name of the game going forward. Importantly, we will walk through 5 things you should START doing to get going on the right foot and launch into 2023 being your best dealership-self ever.

Learning Objectives:

  • Hear 5 things to reevaluate for your 2023 marketing strategy
  • Discover solutions to common pitfalls
  • Learn the signs that your performance is being hampered and how to change it

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