2023: Plan Now, Adapt Later

Annual marketing strategy planning can quickly get turned into a budget conversation. And, while budget is a factor, it shouldn’t be the starting focal point. A clear strategy maps to your business goals. After the tactics and logistics are set in motion it’s then one realizes it was developed without anticipating the need for the “unplanned”.

Let’s take a deep look at how we can pivot your 2023 strategy to fit your goals, all while planning for the unplanned. Our “Plan Now, Adapt Later” framework will show how the inevitable roller coaster trend lines can be turned into strategic action as the twists and turns of unknown marketing opportunities present themselves during the year.

Join Carie Jones, AVP of Media and Nikole Sylvester, Account Director at C-4 Analytics.

Key Takeaways:

  • Turn trend lines into strategic action
  • Learn how to plan for the unplanned
  • Discover key elements for successful strategies in 2023
  • Understand the competitive landscape and where to navigate head-to-head share battles

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