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Fireside ChatGPT – How AI Is Changing SEO for Dealers

When it comes to automotive SEO, the only constant is change. Between Bing’s integration with ChatGPT and Google’s soft launch of Bard, AI and large language models are fundamentally altering local search. Learn what dealers should do — and should not do — to stay ahead of the competition.

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The Donut Hole and the Donut – Why Co op Is Never Enough

Truth: Every dealer should maximize their co-op funds. Another truth: There are many campaigns dealers should be running outside of co-op, and their chosen co-op vendor is likely NOT the partner needed to execute these strategies successfully. Which campaigns and strategies should you deploy outside of co-op?

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The Three “Must Dos” To Gain Market Share

Learn the three things you must know and do before you can generate consistent market share gains. The share you gain in 2023 will be a force multiplier for two, even three, customer buying cycles and will benefit every department in your dealership.

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Microsoft Pivots and Changes the Search Marketing Landscape

Learn how Microsoft is pivoting with the changing Search landscape. Gain a deeper understanding of how Microsoft’s tools and strategies can help you drive automotive advertising success.

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Digital Marketing in 2023: Navigating the New Landscape

The digital marketing landscape is ever-evolving, and the strategies that worked during the pandemic may no longer be relevant in 2023. Learn the major shifts in digital marketing strategies that dealers should be aware of in order to stay ahead of the curve.

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Back to Basics: Digital Marketing Demystified

What is marketing really about? What are you actually getting out of your agency? Learn the skills to have the most effective conversation with your marketing partners and to understand how your marketing works for you. It’s everything you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask, about digital marketing.

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Searching for Digital Solutions at NADA? Ask These Questions

Searching for new digital ideas, services, and partners at NADA? Let’s make your search productive, data-driven, and easy. Learn the questions to ask of any digital vendor – whether they have your business today or want to earn your business tomorrow.

3 Truths Prove You’re Not “All Set” With Digital Marketing

When asked if you are satisfied with your digital presence, have you ever told a potential vendor, “We’re all set”, “We’re all good” or “We’re the best in our 20-Group”? We will prove why 90% of dealers can not possibly be doing as well as they think. Hear the three reasons why digital companies can not help you achieve your goals.

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ROI To Be Thankful For: Which Inventory Listing Is Best For You?

Get ready to be lean and mean for 2023. We’ll show you an objective review of the inventory listing landscape and show you where we’re seeing dealers get the most return for their ad dollars.

Digital Marketing Is a Half-Truth

There is a misconception floating around our industry that dealers are engaged in “digital marketing.” This is not the case. Using truth, fact, and logic we will prove, structurally, that what dealers are doing today is not marketing. And once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

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Successful Marketing Directors Have These 5 Skills In Common

Learn what these highly effective marketing directors are doing to guide their stores to increased sales and market share, especially in the current environment. And, more importantly, why!

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Measuring Marketing Effectiveness: Myth or Magic?

With all the marketers of the world touting their measurement, how do you know what metrics really move your bottom line? Clicks, lift, cost per anything – it all sounds like its own language – how do you translate the data into action? Is it even possible? We’ll show you how.

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Recession? Now Is the Best Time To Gain Market Share

It’s time to gain ground. C-4 Analytics was founded in the depths of the ‘Great Recession’, and we’ve always focused on increasing dealer market share. We’ll share concrete action items you can put in place today.

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Maximizing Your Marketing Funnel With Google’s New Campaign Types

Google has not let the pandemic slow down innovation and continues to push digital advertising forward. This webinar will take you down the path to better understanding Google Ads’ newest and best-performing campaign types and when and where to utilize them to ensure your advertising strategy has no gaps.

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Want More EV Shoppers? You Need Better SEO

If your dealership isn’t leveraging SEO to capture EV and hybrid shoppers — or if you’re using the same old SEO tactics — you’re fighting with one hand tied beyond your back. Early adoption is key to beating your competitors to the EV SEO punch. Let’s explore emerging consumer trends to help dealers focus on actionable insights regardless of EV inventory levels.

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“Back to the Future” and Making Smart Marketing Decisions

Remember how Marty McFly leaves a note in Doc’s pocket – in 1955 – which saves Doc’s life in 1985? This presentation is a pre-internet note in the pocket, which will help dealers make smart marketing decisions today. We’ll help you come to grips with the reality that digital and traditional are converging – and the missing link, tying it all together, is the strategic marketing plan.

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If I Hear One More Thing About the Power of OTT…

We have all heard the pitch before, “OTT is so great. It has this capability, that capability and is the reason why you should have it as part of your overall marketing strategy… We can show you impressions here, and impressions there”. We pride ourselves on being the data nerds that can dive in and show the “why”.

“Sometimes You Gotta Be Your Own Plow Guy”

Why are you waiting for your vendors to solve your problems? You’re going to have to dig yourself out. Hear data-driven methodologies and strategies to solve your own sales and marketing problems.

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Data-Driven Video: Fuel for a Full Funnel

Think video can only be used to drive awareness? Think again. In order to be most effective, it’s important for dealers to understand how each medium delivers value against their overarching media strategy, holding each tactic accountable for delivering performance to their bottom line. C-4 teams up with Effectv to show you how the savviest dealers are leveraging the latest video technologies to build an effective pipeline while delivering low-funnel shoppers today.

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Building Market Share Without Inventory

Dealers are postponing important marketing strategy decisions and effectively trying to wait it all out. Hear the strategies that are helping leading dealers increase market share without inventory.

Your Secret Weapon to Winning Market Share in a Volatile Environment

Imagine Tony Montana as a car dealer. No one would move on his sales territory, yet everyone is selling into your PMA. You want to win the market-share war? Come meet your new little friend.

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Reality Check: Who’s The Chump?

There are many dealers out there who are less than pleased with how their digital vendors manage their accounts. So let’s look at the issue from all sides – and warning, there may be “something you need to know about you” in the conversation too.

Give the People What They Want: A Complete Guide to Creating Better Experiences for Today’s Auto Shoppers

As the automotive industry takes a giant leap into the digital age, users expect personalization, simplified experiences and information that loads quickly. Learn how to revive your online presence so users will do what you want them to do – convert.

Dealer Profits To The Moon! A WallStreetBets Playbook For Thriving During Inventory Challenges

Join Justin Cook, C-4’s Co-Founder and Nerd-In-Chief, and Andrew Silva, C-4’s Account Director and semi-professional dodgeball player, for an instructive discussion on how to leverage lessons from WallStreetBets to bring dealership profits “to the moon” and win in this inventory-challenged landscape!

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Weaponize Your SEO

Modern automotive SEO requires a nuanced keyword strategy, a heavy focus on local, and a willingness to think outside the box. Put another way: If you’re using the same SEO techniques as everyone else, why would you rank ahead of them? And if you are one of the 10 million results for “treats the needs of each individual customer with paramount concern,” you have content problems and your attendance is mandatory.

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Inventory is Not Your Problem. It’s Your Opportunity.

You don’t need more leads, and you don’t need more inventory. You need better-qualified leads from shopper segments generating higher grosses. Now is the time to really drill down, understand your “best customer,” and use the best data to get in front of more people just like them.

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Decrypting Streaming Media: A Podcast-Style Discussion

There is no longer a digital and traditional world of media, it’s simply “online” and “offline”, and all the tactics play nicely in the sandbox. Learn about the benefits of automotive streaming media in an ever-evolving balance of awareness and lead generation.