Digital marketing works… if you choose the right agency.

Stop thinking about keywords, search results and traffic. Anyone can deliver that. What you need is digital marketing that builds your business, improves relationships and spends every dollar wisely. C-4 Analytics has a proven track record of measured success based on our data-driven approach, and we’re generating real results for our clients.



Often imitated, never duplicated.

We built our business on automotive digital marketing, and the industry still follows our lead. We don’t just find you customers: we find your competitors’ customers, then bring them to your door with industry-leading conquest campaigns. We lower your CPA with in-depth analysis of third-party lead generators and highly targeted advertising campaigns, and we take control of your online reputation to make you the most desirable dealership in your market.



Let’s power your growth.

Stop wasting money on traffic that will never convert. Our in-depth behavioral analysis separates B2B customers from the general public to maximize your marketing budget’s ROI. We will target and talk to the federal, municipal, commercial, industrial, healthcare and educational customers you need to reach to solicit RFPs and work orders. (If you are looking to reach residential customers, we’re great at that, too.)



Addiction Treatment Center Lead Generation

Controlling costs in addiction-treatment-center lead-generation is one of the biggest challenges in digital marketing today. Deep-pocketed competition and attempts by less than ethical marketers to game the system have created a climate where it can seem like spending more is the only way to be seen.

Through superior analysis of competitors, advanced targeting strategies that reach the families of addicts as well as addicts themselves, funnel optimization and customized landing pages built to appeal to different types of decision makers, C-4 Analytics helps addiction treatment centers get the consideration needed to drive leads. Our lead-generation campaigns can be targeted nationally or to specific regions and we can reach broad or niche audiences with equal effectiveness.



Let’s find patients and donors.

There is no universal solution when it comes to healthcare; major hospital networks, care facilities, and treatment centers must execute dozens of strategies simultaneously based on its services, patient populations, and the competition it faces. C-4 Analytics recognizes that the journey to wellness starts online. That’s where we come in. We make it easy to manage those strategies by implementing targeted digital marketing that drives a patient’s decision-making process—making sure that you’re the healthcare provider of choice with a sterling online reputation.



Let’s go to market.

It’s all about the launch, then it’s all about awareness, then it’s all about protecting your products from misinformation and improper use. Every stage of a pharmaceutical’s market life requires in-depth information, and C-4 Analytics delivers the business intelligence you need to make smart, timely decisions. From identifying market scope and audience targets to monitoring social and traditional websites for comments about your products, we provide complete support for every stage of a product’s market life.



Let’s get out and vote.

Most politics are local, which is why C-4 Analytics develops highly targeted campaigns that deliver personalized messages to voters for municipal, state and national races. Our approach provides detailed intelligence on voter behavior at the city or town level, allowing candidates to see who is on their side and who needs additional outreach. Our online monitoring capabilities and voter intelligence can help your campaign craft messaging. Our personalized get-out-and-vote campaigns are based on models proven to increase voter participation on election day.



Let’s move beyond the listings.

Matching the right buyer to the right seller is much simpler when you have targeted online marketing on your side. We help you find commercial and residential buyers and sellers using advanced targeting based on demographics and interests, then promote your agency or specific properties across all online channels. We can help you market hundreds of properties simultaneously with a unique digital campaign and budget for each property, delivering the most relevant buyers, so you can focus on your business.



Let’s turn up your conversion rate.

It’s not about traffic, it’s about sales, and C-4 Analytics will help you find, persuade and retain the customers you want. We use advanced behavioral analytics, A/B testing and remarketing in conjunction with social media to identify and capture customers. We optimize landing pages to maximize conversions and develop social media, e-mail and remarketing campaigns that keep your business in the front of your customers’ minds when they want to buy. Plus, as a Google partner, we provide access to beta advertising platforms that give you the edge over competitors.



Let’s stand out from the crowd.

If you don’t have a multichannel online marketing campaign, you won’t reach the students you hope to recruit. With students placing more trust in social media and researching on mobile instead of desktop, the schools that can find and influence them through native online behavior are the schools that win. We will give you the mobile-ready, multichannel campaign you need to get your message across and to be persuasive, so prospective students see you as the best choice for their education.