Let’s make informed decisions.

Could your website conversion rates be better? You won’t know unless you start testing, but testing needs context to deliver the best results. Understanding what motivates your customers begins with knowing how they reach you, what they want and when they are most likely to convert. Chances are high that you will need at least two interactions with a customer before they choose to do business with you, which makes successful retargeting an essential component of conversion optimization.

At C-4 Analytics, we understand that every business has a unique conversion path. We design our testing programs to reflect the demographics and decision-making processes of specific groups of customers, optimizing their unique funnels to improve acquisition, secondary contact and, ultimately, conversions.

Core Competencies

    A/B Testing
    On-Page Behavioral Targeting
    Landing Page Development
    Real-Time Customer Analysis
    Multivariate Testing
    Heat Mapping
    Acquisition Impact Testing
    Funnel Management
    User Experience Analysis