Let’s spend wisely

The problem with some digital marketing agencies is the “solution in a box.” It doesn’t matter who you are or who you’re trying to reach, you get the same basic campaign as every other client. The monthly rate may be attractive, but you’ll wind up paying more per customer acquisition, and you’ll be far behind any competitor that uses C-4 Analytics.

All of our campaigns are custom built and actively managed based on customer data to maximize the return on investment for every dollar spent. We’re pioneering advanced demographic and interest targeting that reaches customers before they begin making a decision and we’re continually improving our successful retargeting strategies.

Core Competencies

    Data Integration
    Paid Search Management
    Custom Retargeting
    Behavioral Display
    Audience Segmentation
    Competition Targeting
    Conquest Strategies
    Cross-Channel Campaign Integration
    YouTube & Video
    Advanced Targeting
    Tracking & Monitoring
    Promoted Content
    Social Promotion